Getting the pearl from the bottom of the Ocean or seeing the deepest Canyon in the world? What are you expecting from your journey? LS Group specialists are ready to make your dream come true. A Map of our destinations illustrates our possibilities. We promise, that with us your desires can be realized.


Dive into childhood and spend the day at the kangaroo island? Observe the reef which has a form of a heart from the sky? Visit the famous Sydney Opera? What else are you expecting from your trip to Australia? LS Group specialists will make all your dreams come true. An individual tour will make your journey exciting and maximally rich in respect to impressions. Acquaintance with Australia is also impossible without legendary Sydney. Here we can book a comfortable lux located in the Sydney coastal bay. This will let you get familiar with all main city sights right from the window of your splendid suite.


Argentina is the motherland of Tango and passion for football, incredibly tasty wine and of course unique nature sights many of which are not accessible for regular travellers. Our travellers can visit any place. You want to observe the tremendous Perito Moreno Glacier or see the giant whales close to the Valdes Peninsula? Just say and we will organize this for you. For those, who value cultural diversity, we can arrange individual tours in the Capital. When you have gotten enough of emotions walking in the city you can come back to your luxurious suite and relax in a comfortable surrounding.



The Kingdom of Bahrain is a tremendous pearl of the Arabic world. And these are not just beautiful words. Exceptional quality pearls are hidden in the seas which lie next to Bahrain. Here the Western influence is peacefully coliving with Arabic traditions and delicately complements them. Thanks to this here are held such events as the Formula 1 Grand Prix. With our support you can not just observe the race, but also become an honored guest of the paddock. Bahrain is also well-known for its historical sights and all kinds of exotic entertainment (we will arrange your excursion to the desert, falcon hunting, pearl fishing with the support of experienced divers). And all this in combination with the premium level of service, which is so common for Arabic countries.

Great Britain

Want to feel like a Lord or spend the weekend in an old English castle? Perhaps you are already quite acquainted with England? In this case for the most tempted travellers we will develop non-trivial routes to other parts of Great Britain. For example, a trip to mysterious Loch Ness lake or a tour to an 11 century village in the heart of Wales. Be sure, that we will find how to impress you.


Italy is an ideal country for exclusive recreation. One can travel endlessly here and each time discover something new. In winter conquer the top of the Alps, in spring combine gastronomic and shopping tours, in summer enjoy the luxurious Tuscany beaches and in fall take care of health in the healing thermal waters. Our specialists are ready to arrange your journey to Italy at any time of the year.


Travelling to China is a perfect opportunity to experience the eastern culture of one of the ancient civilisations on Earth. We will arrange your visit to the most hidden places of this unusual country. With our support you can observe the Longsheng rice terraces or for example discover the Gobi desert to see Crescent Lake Yueyaquan. If the never sleeping megalopolises are more favourable for you, our specialists will arrange your trip to Beijing - the central part of China, its cultural, political and business center. Here you can see how imperial palaces and skyscrapers are harmonically located next to each other, how old traditions are closely connected with highest standards of service.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica means Rich coast in Spanish. Wealth is here literally everywhere: cleanest air, protected tropical forests, unique diversity of the flora and fauna. During the last 40 years the local community has been actively involved in the forest's restoration and wildlife conservation. Picturesque beaches and bays of the Pacific Ocean are waiting for you at any time of the year. We offer you to combine bright impressions of exotic Costa Rica and staying in one the country’s premium hotels. Our experts can select a comfortable accomodation for your leisure including a stylish suite with a private pool or a luxurious villa with a big terrace.


Mauritius island is available for travellers almost all year through. The azure waters of the Indian Ocean, wild beaches, colorful Chamarel lands and tremendous natural landscapes make the island truly a Heaven. Our experts will definitely share important information about this country to make your stay rich and safe. Planning to visit Mauritius with your beloved one? LS Group specialists will select a suite with a breathtaking view in a luxurious hotel. Wanting to show your family the magnificence of this island resort in the Indian Ocean? In this case we can arrange your stay in a comfortable villa with a private beach. Your request will be promptly proceeded with a guarantee of the best result.


The warm waters of the Indian Ocean, isolated private beach with white sand, luxurious villa, big pool with crystal clear water with reflection of all the wonderful magnificence of Maldives’ nature. What else is needed for a complete relaxation? Perhaps only high-class service which our company is ready to provide to you. LS Group professionals can select a special island for you, provide a personal concierge, Michelin level chefs and organize an outstanding vacation with consideration of all your desires and expectations.


Morocco is a mysterious country with unbelievable history and hospitality. Local markets in Marrakech with their unique atmosphere, charming spicy scents and magnificent hand made carpets deserve special attention. Traditional Moroccan cuisine does not even need introduction. We will arrange your accommodation in a luxurious royal hotel where you will be able to experience aromatic tagine prepared by a Michelin chef. Then you can relocate to the SPA center occupying 3 floors. And after a relaxing massage with argan oil you can meet the sunset in the citrus garden. Be sure that Morocco will leave the warmest memories in your heart with an oriental aftertaste.


There is no need to present Monaco. Successful people from all around the world have fallen in love with this country located on the azure coast. Social life is constant here and you can easily meet in one of the small streets a film team of famous Hollywood movie directors. We offer a wide range of luxurious services in Monaco. At the same time high-class leisure is defined not only by the level of service. For LS Group the most important goal is to fill your journey with unforgettable emotions. For this reason our experts will not just book a marvelous suite for you, but also can arrange the realization of your special wishes such as for example visiting spectacular world events.


The Netherlands have given the world such famous and outstanding artists as Hieronymus Bosch, Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh. This country truly can be called one of the cradles of worldwide cultural heritage. Our company's representative will book tickets for you to the remarkable Amsterdam art galleries. Or perhaps you want to get familiar with the rare exhibits from private collections? We can arrange this opportunity. Looking forward to making a sea tour on a boat or going through endless dutch channels and rivers? And then stopping for example in Volendam to explore the colorful fisherman's village? Why not? With LS Group any plan can be realized.

United Arab Emirates

Recreation in the Emirates can be compared with colorful Arabic fairy tales. And the author of this fairy tale can be you. Our specialists will just help to fill its content with bright emotions and unforgettable moments. We offer accomodation in the flagman hotels with private beach clubs, SPA centers and Michelin restaurants. LS Group professionals will prepare the best entertainment program for you: balloon flight, jeep-safari, a traditional Arabic dinner in the Bedouin village, horse races. With great pleasure we will also select a superyacht for you, which you can use for your cruise across the Persian Gulf.


Seychelles islands are created specially for individual tours. Empty beaches with azure waves, a wide range of top-level hotels and villas, and a diverse entertainment program will let any traveller of any age satisfy his needs. We will offer you a beach bungalow located right on the coral reef or a villa in the shade of the jungle. We can organize an unforgettable honeymoon for you or a relaxing friend’s trip. We will provide a comfortable car, which you can use to visit the main sights of the island - its beaches (there are more than 60 of them and each of them is unique!). You will definitely find what you want and will dream of coming back.


Selecting the individual tour across France can be one of the best solutions for your vacation. LS Group professionals are ready to make your dream real. For example, you can spend a few days in elegant Paris and after that visit famous Provence wineries and then make a helicopter excursion above lavender fields. There are many options for planning your unique trip. We will tell you about all possible scenarios and take care of the organization of every single detail.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia has the atmosphere of a relaxing and splendid life. Stand alone bungalows located right at the water and comfortable villas equipped with hydromassage baths and panoramic pools are at your command. Here everything is created for your private leisure and complete relaxation. You don’t even have to leave your suite, careful personnel will arrange necessary conditions for your perfect stay. On the island we can also organize special vacations for honeymooners and families with children. With consideration of your desires we will select the best option.


Japan is an undoubted Asian pearl, which is impossible not to fall in love with. An authentic country with a special philosophy, heritage and traditions. Interested in Japanese culture? Dreaming of visiting the mysterious Buddhist temple Seiganto-ji? Wanting to try sashimi prepared by the best sushi-chef in the world? Or more progressive and intense Tokyo with its splendid life is more interesting for you? LS Group’s personal manager will help you to explore all the specifics of the particular Japan you were always dreaming about.