Owning a yacht

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Luxury Services realises that our clients want to enjoy increased leisure time. We have specialists who have developed private yacht finance service opportunities for new yacht acquisitions or for financing existing yachts.


We have partners who can provide marine management services including:

  • Registration
  • Chartering
  • Fuel
  • Insurance


Together our expertise will ensure your yacht ownership will be as pleasurable as possible, whether it is cruising the Caribbean, exploring far-away places or even competing in a yacht regatta.

We assist clients with the financing of both new and existing motor and sailing vessels to the value in excess of EUR 1,000,000.00.


With satisfactory assets and good credit history, borrowing will be considered up to a value of 75% of the market value of the yacht – higher if additional assets are approved. Loans may be extended for a period of up to 10 years, though may be limited by the estimate of the life of the vessel. We may also consider, as an added benefit, flexible multi-currency lending – EUR, USD, GBP and CHF.


A yacht purchase is a major financial decision and professional tax advice is essential. Luxury Services will gladly introduce you to a tax specialist or liaise with your existing tax advisor.


We will assist in managing the legal arrangements with our partners to confirm a satisfactory valuation and to obtain a mortgage for the proposed vessel.


Luxury Services wants the excitement of yacht ownership and the personal enjoyment to be smooth sailing.


  • Financing
  • Commercial ownership and operation
  • Tax efficient leasing
  • Temporary — without VAT for non EU residents
  • Holding companies
  • for VAT paid or exempt yachts


  • Peace of mind
  • Global partners
  • Legal protection
  • Tax advantages
  • Flexibility of operation
  • Tailor–made solutions
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